Our Operating Platforms

Athenex Pharma Solutions has the unique advantage of collaborating with a global parent company and related sister companies to leverage expertise and leadership across a spectrum of drug commercialization disciplines. It’s never been easier for us to connect challenges around client projects with problem-solvers from around the world to achieve the best fit.


As the parent organization for Athenex Pharma Solutions, Athenex provides the corporate support structure that allows us to offer all the leadership and financial benefits of a larger global organization but with the stand-alone nimbleness of a smaller privately-owned firm.

Athenex’s mission of “Improving the lives of cancer patients everywhere” has a dove-tail fit with Athenex Pharma Solutions’s mission of provding a platform for our clients to pursue similar life-improving solutions for patients around the world.

Visit the Athenex website to learn more about the mission.

Comprehensive Drug Enterprises

A sister company to Athenex Pharma Solutions, Comprehensive Drug Enterprises (CDE Pharma) operates out of Hong Kong with a mission to develop and commercialize innovative trans-mucosal delivery platforms and topical drug delivery platforms to be used in a variety of synergistic ways. CDEPharma provides a beach-head to Athenex Pharma Solutions for projects involving movement of technology to or from the Asian market.

The exceptional technical expertise within CDEPharma also provides Athenex Pharma Solutions with an extended team of problem solvers that can be utilized.

Visit the CDEPharma website to learn more.


Another sister company to Athenex Pharma Solutions, Polymed / Taihao operates out of offices in Houston, Texas and Chongqing, China and are leaders in the industry of API manufacturing for the Oncology market. They also provide services for Rapid Diagnostic Tests and Food Additives.

Polymed/Taihao provides Athenex Pharma Solutions with a reliable family member for the sourcing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and for regulatory support in the commercialization of these materials into final dosage forms.

Visit the PolyMed/Taihao website to learn more.