Non-Sterile Liquids and Semi-Solids

Athenex Pharma Solutions offers cGMP FDA regulated services for the manufacturing, testing and stability characterization of non-sterile liquids and semi-solids at various stages of development; from Clinical Material production through validation and commercialization.

Manufacturing Solutions

  • Liquids, emulsions, creams, solutions, ointments
  • OTC, Rx, Personal Healthcare applications
  • Nano-emulsions, difficult formulations
  • Matched formulation vessels for easy scale-up from pilot stage
  • Biologics and small-molecule
  • All analytical services supported in-house

Packaging Capabilities

  • Various vial, bottle and spray configurations available
  • Manual, semi-automated and fully automated fill/finish
  • Single-use plastic ampoules
  • Various secondary packaging and labeling options
  • Tamper evidence applications