Small-Scale Aseptic Processing

We have been a proven choice for clients who need access to developmental and clinical aseptic processing capabilities without the challenges of engaging a large aseptic contract manufacturer.

Aseptic Solutions

  • Semi-automated filling for flexible process configurations
  • Dedicated aseptic suite for vials and single-use plastic ampoules
  • Experts in small-scale aseptic processing design
  • Single-use product pathways for reducing contamination risk
  • Processing throughput up to 1,000-2,000 units per day
  • Expertise in adapting complex or fragile formulations to a suitable filling process
  • Qualified for various sizes of vials and fill volumes
  • Pre-commercial and clinical supply capabilities
  • Compliant sterility assurance program
  • Experience handling small-molecule and biologic formulations
  • All analytical services supported in-house